Electric Warmer

– Temperature regulator
– Soft removable cover

The electric warmer is designed for effective thermal warming of body parts, with a soft padding for general warming and relaxation of tired muscles.

*Results may vary depending on the individual person.

“Chudesnik” Electric Warmer

Today the sun is shining and birds are singing, tomorrow it will be -10 ° C, and the day after tomorrow will be heavy rain all day! It is not a joke, but the realities of the weather in Ukraine. All would be nothing, if not a terrible aching pain in the knees and joints, headaches and high blood pressure!

The weather is changing – the diseases remain

And you have concerne about such problems as:

  • Osteochondrosis;
  • Radiculitis;
  • Kidney disease;
  • Neuralgia;
  • Neuritis;
  • Myositis;
  • Arthritis;
  • Polyarthritis;
  • Osteoporosis;
  • Hyperthermia of fractures;
  • Whine bruises;
  • Otitis;
  • Diseases of the organs of vision;
  • Stretching muscles or increased muscle tone;
  • Colds – ARVI, ARI;
  • Strong physical activity.

If none of the above is even close to you, CONGRATULATIONS – you are a HAPPY SUCCESSOR! Don’t waste your time reading this article – enjoy life!

And who was less lucky , read, HOW TO BECOME HAPPY ?!

Down with experiments and expensive preparations!

It’s no secret that warming up is useful and important in medicine. They underlie in the basis of the diseases described above. Thermal therapy accelerates the healing process and facilitates the patient’s condition.

Electric Warmers “Chudesnik” from the “SELKOM LTD” company – a simple and affordable tool.

How it works on the body:

  • Improves blood circulation;
  • Eliminates pain;
  • Beats spasms and muscle tension;
  • Accelerates and regulates metabolic processes;
  • Increases the level of cell regeneration;
  • Strengthens the walls of blood vessels and improves microcirculation.

Thermotherapy is an effective way to combat muscle tension and fatigue. The method is suitable for athletes and dancers for recovery after training. For people with significant physical exertion, a electric warmer helps to relax and gain strength.

Electric Warmer AGAINST “magic” ointment and rubber warmer with hot water

So what is the advantage of the electric warmer “Chudesnik” over others,

perhaps, already proven by you methods?

In each family there is an old and good rubber hot-water warmer. Since childhood, it has been warming in the cold weather and treating without pills. What’s the point of changing your favorite little
hotty to an electric appliance?

Advantages of an electric warmer over a conventional rubber hot-water warmer:

  1. Don’t need pre-heating the water, the heat therapy begins with a single click on the button. It’s comfortable.
  2. You can adjust the temperature at your own discretion with the remote control. It eliminates burns and allows you to warm up for as long as you need, and not til the water cools.
  3. An ordinary rubber hot water bottle gives a moist heat, which is contraindicated in certain diseases.For example, with several forms of radiculitis, moist heat can aggravate the condition and aggravate pain.But the heating pad provides treatment with dry and soft heat, which makes it possible to put it for a long time (but not for the whole night).
  4. The electric warmer is larger in size and lighter in weight. Such parameters allow you to warm a large surface and it doesn’t create discomfort.
  5. 5. The electric appliance doesn’t flow, doesn’t scorch and doesn’t interfere!

Warming with a bag of salt, croup or even “something” has the same drawbacks as a rubber hot water warmer. Because of the impossibility to control the temperature and the time of the procedure, such sessions cannot produce results at all, let alone the obvious discomfort in the application.

But if there is an advantage with a rubber hot-water bottle, then what are the complaints about the “miraculous” ointment? An active grandmother from advertising, who plays football better than her grandson, clearly inspires confidence and the desire to acquire such a miracle cure. You run to the pharmacy with ammonia, so that in order not to lose consciousness not from the prices. Reluctantly, you count hard-earned money. And “O God!” – the result is ZERO! How you walked bent and so you will …

Minuses of warming ointments and creams:

  1. Whatever a wonderful tool, it has the property of FINISHING! Count how many times a year you buy a therapeutic ointment. Prices for a tube range from 30 to 600 hryvnia with the condition that really effective one cost 150-200 hryvnia and above in the region. Now you can sum up how much money floats away from your pocket. Are you already in shock ?! But in comparison with medicinal ointments, you buy a heating pad for an affordable price and only ONCE for 10 years!
  2. Side effects. Warming ointment contains components that, in individual cases, can cause allergies in the form of rashes, hives, dermatitis, swelling, fever, anaphylactic reactions, shoortness of breath, cough. The heating pad is convenient and safe – turn it, warm up and turn it off. Suitable device for each member of the family – from the smallest to the most respected.
  3. Smell and other “troubles”. Have you met an ointment that would smelle nice? Hardly. And, more precisely, there are none! And any French perfume would envy the persistence of these fragrances. What is more ,the cream gets the skin greasy and oily, it scorches, burns and dirties your clothes.

Separately about the “emergency” things. Every adult person at least once in his life has pills to relieve the spasm or get rid of the pain. “Extra” things, because the harm from them are more than benefit. The side effects of the tablets described in the instructions begin with headache and nausea before a stroke and congestive heart failure.

It is worth taking care of your health in advance,so as not to resort to radical methods. Proper prevention and maintenance of heat therapy will save you from painful exacerbations.

IMPORTANT NOTE: there are diseases which heat therapy is contraindicated for. Therefore, before getting warm, consult a doctor for the presence of such diseases:

  • cardiovascular failure;
  • hypertensive diseases;
  • impaired cerebral circulation;
  • hyperthyroidism;
  • oncology;
  • atherosclerosis;
  • bad pain in the abdomen.

Device Description

The electric warmer is a sheet made of a wire electrically insulated heating element. It is attuched between a moisture-proof insulation material. Additionally, the warmer has a removable cover, which can be washed by hand or in a washing machine.

Technical specifications:

  • the size is 50×40 cm;
  • power – 45 W (that is, energy consumption is less than a conventional light bulb);
  • temperature regulator – up to 50 ° C;

The warmer doesn’t heat the air, it heats the surface which it contacts with. Soft upholstery equally distributes and retains heat.

Why is the warmer safe?

The production of heating pads uses high-quality geotextiles and high-temperature resistant materials.

All models are certified and are tested for fire safety. The company has all the patents for the manufacture of medical products and takes care of ensuring that the consumer receives a safe and reliable product, which confirms their reputation and rewards.

REFERENCE: “SELKOM LTD” is recognized as the best company in the medical products industry according to the results of the MEDICAL SPA & WELLNESS exhibition in 2015, as well as according to the results of the Health and Beauty Exhibition and Festival “HEALTHY LIFESTYLE” in 2015.

Time of economical treatment!

Are tired to run to the pharmacy for expensive medicine every morning?

Tired of living in the queues to the doctor?

It’s time to take care of your health ECONOMICALLY, SAFELY and EFFICIENTLY!

You buy an Electric Warmer “CHUDESNIK” – you get a GUARANTEE FOR 5 YEARS!